Terms of use

BrandURL is a URL shortening tools for users to shrink long URL into short one. BrandURL does not have any affiliation with the entire shortened URLs by users. No data or files outside of the BrandURL.xyz domain are ever stored or hosted on our servers. BrandURL.xyz is not responsible for examining or evaluating the content or accuracy of external websites or user-generated content.

BrandURL reserve the rights to disable/redirect any URLs that we suspect is being used for spamming/illegal purposes and all decisions are final. We have the rights to amend the Terms as we see fit without prior notice to the users.


BrandURL is a free service, supported by Ad revenue. It is provided without warranty of any kind. There are no guarantees that it will be available at any given time, and no guarantees that the site or service will not be subject to interruptions. All direct or indirect risk related to use of this site is borne entirely by the user.

BrandURL is shortening URL service provider therefore, a short URL simply is a redirection or domain forwarding the browser to an external web page.

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